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Cecchi Kit C-System 10 10 CFS epoxy resin

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Epoxy resin Kit C-System 10 10 CFS

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The best gift for you and your boat for any type of repair or renovation work.

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More details

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    Cecchi Kit C-System 10 10 CFS epoxy resin

    Cecchi Kit C-System 10 10 CFS epoxy resin

    The best gift for you and your boat for any type of repair or renovation work.

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    One package contains:

    • 1 Kg of C-System 10 10 CFS comp. A
    • 0.5 Kg of C-System 10 10 CFS comp. B
    • 1 Pair of mini pumps
    • 3 plastic reusable cans
    • 1 package of natural microfibers of 0,5L
    • 1 package of thickener n°2 of 0,5L
    • 1 package of microfilmar power of 0,5L
    • 1 package of 100g mineral microfibres
    • 1 stick
    • 6 disposable brushes
    • 10 disposable gloves

    Repairing, building, bonding, laminating, protecting, filling, inventing and...

    10 10 CFS is a multifunctional epoxy resin, ideal for repairing, building, gluing, laminating, protecting, filling, inventing on wood and fibreglass.
    It does not contain solvents (CFS Completely Free Solvent).

    Subjected to mechanical tests at the CTS Centro Tecnologico Sperimentale laboratories under the supervision of RINA and other ship registers (RiNA certificate report n°2015/CS/01/3108).

    It has an exceptional quality standard and thanks to its fluidity, it exploits a series of additives, which make it usable in all types of processing to solve any need:

    - wood-to-wood, wood-to-glass, fibreglass-to-glass and heterogeneous materials glue;

    - to laminate glass, carbon, kevlar fabrics on wood and on fibreglass etc... ;

    - structural filler, adding additives such as Microfiller Powder, Thickener n° 2 or Natural and Mineral Microfibres;

    - filling and smoothing filler;

    - primer for clear-coated and uncoated wood;

    - osmosis primer;

    - osmosis repair;

    10 10 CFS has three hardeners: Standard, Slow (slow) and Fast (fast) that can also be mixed together to obtain an intermediate hardener.
    The Slow type is indicated in the Spring - Summer period and in any case with temperatures never below 15°C.

    It is possible to mount (except for the 1.1 kg package) mini pumps and pumps that distribute the correct amount of resin and catalyst in a unified way.

    Epoxy system in a 2:1 ratio by weight, 100% solid, very easy to apply, very reliable, ideal for all work in general both below and above the waterline.

    When mixing two-component products, always follow the correct mixing ratios, by weight or volume, as stated on the labels. Adding more or less catalyst means wasting the mixture and compromising the work; adding solvent compromises the quality of the resin and the final result.
    In the 750 g (500 of A 250 of B), 1,5 kg (1 of A 0,5 of B), 4,5 kg (3 of A 1,5 of B) and 30 kg (20 of A 10 of B) packages, it is possible to install mini pumps and volumetric pumps that distribute the correct amount of resin and catalyst.
    Attention: in all types of packages, in order to maintain the correct mixing ratio of 2:1 by weight, 1 pumping of A and 1 pumping of B, and so on. The pumps are already calibrated for the correct mixing ratio.

    Use the containers in our kit. They are made of high-quality, well-treated plastic and can be reused many times, almost indefinitely. Do not use cut bottles of mineral water, coffee cans, ice cream cups, other dubious containers, etc... they will give you problems.

    10 10 CFS resin is easily applied by brush or roller.
    The roller is more suitable and faster for large surfaces.

    Once it has been applied, 10 10 CFS resin wets the surface.
    After a couple of hours it becomes sticky (ready to receive another coat or even with additives to form T-threads). It is possible, on the not perfectly dry surface, to make structural fillets or to apply Nautilus Epoxy Light Filler (does not contain solvents) and you will obtain an even more efficient cohesion.

    When 10 10 CFS is used to bond, first apply a coat on both sides to impregnate the surfaces.
    After about 10 minutes add Thickener n°2 or Natural Microfibres to 10 10 CFS, apply on one side of the surface and put in place with light pressure so that the parts do not move.
    All this is foreseen by DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) and ASTM (American Standard Test Method) standards.

    When a night passes, it is essential, for the presence or doubt of the "dew point" and to avoid misunderstandings, to sponge the surface with water to remove the unctuousness, the condensation (blush amine) that can form on the resin with changes in temperature or humidity. It is better to use a sponge such as 3M SCOTCH BRITE on the rough side. If more than 48 hours pass, sand uniformly with 100 grit paper, always after having sponged the surface or, better, sand wet.

    Epoxy resin acts as a base in many painting products. When it is pure, without solvents like 10 10 CFS, one of its main characteristics is that it is an exceptional structural adhesive and does not release solvents into the air.

    In the formulation of 10 10 CFS, other characteristics have been obtained such as ease of brushability, the ability to mix it with additives to obtain products of various densities and characteristics to better meet processing requirements. When evaluating costs, the price of epoxy resin, in this case 10 10 CFS, must be divided, when used as a coating - primer or protection coat - by the number of square metres and the thickness obtained.

    For paints the same measurement applies, but we have to pay attention to the difference between wet-film and dry-film. In the average paint product the residue of the dry film decreases and only 40-50% of the wet film remains, which means that the solvent part, the one that evaporates and pollutes (VOC), does not form thickness, protection and therefore does not defend the material we are protecting. To obtain a thickness equal to 100 microns with a coat of 10 10 CFS, with enamels and paints, maybe sanding between coats, 3 or 4 coats are necessary! That's basically it. Although it seems like you're spending more for 10 10 CFS when you compare thicknesses, in addition to the increased strength, there's also considerable cost effectiveness.

    1010 CFS is RINA certified (report n°2015/CS/01/3108).

    An average processing temperature of more than 15°C is required for a longer product life (i.e. POT-LIFE).

    In the 750 g, 1.5 kg, 4.5 kg and 30 kg packages special mini pumps and pumps are available (to be purchased separately) for perfect dosing by volume.

    Attention - The mini pumps supplied with the 750 g and 1.5 kg packs of 10 10 CFS have been changed. The new mini pumps are blue for component A and red for component B. The pumping cycle has also changed to 1 pumping of A and 1 pumping of B for a correct mixing ratio.

    So pay attention to the type of pumps you are using. The old pumps were completely white with green (A) and red (B) markings and required 2 pumps of A and 1 pump of B.

    Also in the 4.5 kg and 30 kg packages the volume pumps have changed: blue colour with red ring for component A and red colour for component B. The mixing ratio remains the same and is 1 pumping of A plus 1 pumping of B.

    Also in the 30 kg (20 of A 10 of B) and 4,5 kg (3 of A 1,5 of B) packages, it is possible to install the positive displacement pumps(which distribute the correct amount of resin and catalyst in a unified way, in order to make the mixing and the processing faster and safer).

    We carry out sample checks on the packaged pumps, as it is impossible to check them individually.
    It is therefore INDISPENSABLE for the user to check, by means of an electronic balance, the quantity of resin and catalyst dispensed by each pump, in order to respect the proportion of catalyst 2:1 by weight. This is to further verify their perfect functioning for a correct drying of the preparation.

    Data sheet

    Catalogue code 6461121, 6461122