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Inflatable boats Arimar: which to choose?

Here is our page dedicated to the sale of Arimar inflatable boats and rafts A rimar that aims to meet the needs of every yachtsman in terms of tenders and life rafts. In fact, Arimar Spa produces all types of rafts, as well as inflatable boats and tenders with a rigid floor, made of wood and other materials. The various Arimar tenders, as the most demanding sea wolves know, aim to offer the best of the best in terms of choice, safety, elegance and comfort, for boaters of all types.

Faced with so much choice, however, find the product that best suits your needs in the midst of the offer Arimar inflatable boats is certainly not easy, and for this reason we at HiNelson have decided to create this small guide dedicated to the choice, use and maintenance of Arimar tenders.

Let's start from the beginning: what are tenders and what are they used for?

Before delving into theuniverse of Arimar inflatable boats it is best to clarify what is meant, in general, by the term'tender'. It is a small service dinghy, which is connected to the use of a real boat. Its uses are the most varied: you can use it to reach the mainland when the main boat is moored on a buoy, or in the middle of a cove; you can use a service dinghy to make excursions in search of deserted beaches, or perhaps to discover solitary bays in shallow water; or again, a tender can be used to speed up movement within a port, or to facilitate the manoeuvres of an anchorage in a mainsail.

In short, the uses of an Arimar inflatable boat can be the most varied: the important thing, in any case, is to buy the Arimar tender that best suits your needs, as well as having it always ready for use. In addition to guiding you in choosing the perfect service boat for you, therefore, we will also take a quick peek at the best dinghy maintenance techniques.

Arimar inflatable boats: guide to choosing and buying

Before you buy your Arimar tender, you need to decide which type of dinghy you prefer. The factors to be taken into consideration are really many, but the first big distinction has to do with the hull, which can be semi-rigid or foldable. Which are the advantages of the Arimar inflatable boats with rigid hull? Well, these boats, just in virtue of the rigidity of their hull, can assure better performances once they are lowered into the water. The rigid hull in fact allows them to glide immediately and to be more stable. Other unquestionable advantages of Arimar tenders are their solidity and their greater resistance to wear and tear (think of the stress of beaching on gravel) as well as the greater ease in carrying out normal maintenance operations.

However, all that glitters is not gold - or, in this case, what is rigid. The Arimar range of rigid inflatable boats also has its disadvantages. Obviously these boats are bulkier than their folding and roll-up counterparts, taking up a lot of space. They can be stowed on deck, with the bottom facing upwards, or in the stern. In the case of larger boats, Arimar tenders can also be stowed in the transom. It's not just a question of space, however: rigid-bottom inflatable boats weigh more, which makes hoisting them on board difficult - especially if the boat is not equipped with a crane.

And what about the Arimar tender roll-up offer? Well, in this case we're talking about boats that, on an operational level, offer more contained performance than their rigid counterparts. But what is lost in the water is gained on the boat: when not in use, Arimar folding inflatable boats can be stored in a practical bag, so as not to take up space on the boat. It should also not be forgotten that, thanks to continuous research and development, the best models of folding inflatable boats are gradually reducing the performance gap compared to rigid bottom boats.

More specifically, there is not just one type of inflatable tender: there are models with wooden, aluminium or resin slats, but also special inflatable boats with high-pressure inflatable slats, which are very similar to rigid models in terms of performance.

How many people will your Arimar inflatable boat have to carry?

Another criterion on which to base your search for Arimar inflatable boats is the number of people to transport. In fact, there are service boats designed only and exclusively for 2 people, while there are others that can comfortably accommodate 6 or more people.

Other criteria to be taken into consideration, in addition to the type of structure and the maximum number of passengers, are the weight, the overall length, the depth of the cockpit and the number of tubular chambers.

Choosing the Arimar inflatable boat according to use

So far, we have seen what the main features of Arimar tenders and their advantages are. Now we can go more specific, specifying which dinghy is suitable for which user. Semi-rigid inflatable boats, thanks to their greater degree of safety and driveability, are generally recommended for those who can make intensive use of them. Not only that: these models should be taken into consideration especially by those who have a crane to hoist the dinghy on the boat. Dinghies with inflatable dunnage, which combine good stability with the possibility of being stored in a locker, are also suitable for slightly less intensive use. Dinghies with a planked floor, on the other hand, were for many years more suitable for occasional use. Today, however, are also taken into consideration for regular use, by virtue of the compactness offered by the best models on the market.

Which engine to install on your tender?

Again, there is something for everyone. Someone looking for excellent performance in all conditions, even in strong winds and strong seas, will prefer to rely on a powerful engine. In this case, of course, the total weight of the service vessel can only increase, making the presence of a crane indispensable for hoisting the Arimar inflatable boat onto the boat. Those who prefer speed to practicality will opt for a less powerful but lighter and less cumbersome motor, perhaps winking at the more modern electric motors which, in addition to silence, now also provide excellent performance.

The correct use of the service dinghy

Even the service dinghies, despite their simplicity, have their own etiquette of use. In order to navigate safely with the tender it is in fact necessary to use the safety strap of the key: in this way, in case of emergency, the engine can be stopped automatically. In their lightness, in fact, tenders can sometimes be unstable, and even a small unexpected wave, in case of careless passengers, could lead to a dangerous fall into the sea. That's not all: before putting a dinghy in the sea, it is always necessary to equip it with oars, life jackets, an anchor and all the other emergency devices, from the knife to the waterproof vhf and the repair kit.

The maintenance of Arimar inflatable boats

It is not enough to buy the Arimar tender that best suits your needs. In order to be able to count on a boat that is always ready for use, it is necessary to take time for its maintenance, which, it must be said, is not very onerous. From time to time the boat should be cleaned and washed, using fresh water and a brush, so as to eliminate external agents which could - in the long run - compromise the resistance of the materials, such as salt and sand.

A tender, in some respects, is not so different from a common boat. As a result, if it is left to soak for several days, algae and other formations can begin to form on the bottom of the dinghy that, in normal boats, are combated with antifouling paints. In the case of tenders, on the other hand, it is sufficient to regularly clean the bottom with a sponge, so as to prevent the formation of this vegetative layer, which could compromise the performance of the boat (and also increase consumption).

It should also be pointed out that the materials that make up the tubulars of Arimar tenders do not readily accept being cleaned using classic domestic degreasers, which could actually end up damaging the surface. Instead, it is much better to use special detergents for boats of this type, such as those that can be found in our e-commerce. At the end of the cleaning process, in order to ensure a long life of the inflatable boat, it is necessary to use an impregnating wax, capable of forming an additional protective, waterproof and antibacterial layer on the fabrics of the Arimar dinghy.

Have you already chosen which Arimar dinghy is best for you? Do you prefer a roll-up tender or a rigid inflatable boat with a fibreglass hull? You can buy this brand's products from Arimar Fiumicino, Arimar Mantova, Arimar Cervia or one of the many other dealers that this company has in Italy or around the world.

On this page, however, we do not only present the tenders of the Romagna brand. On this page you can also find Arimar rafts, of both main types. Here, in short, we present both the coastal rafts - for navigation within 12 miles from the coast - and the rafts beyond 12 miles.

Your Arimar raft: which one to choose?

This is not a matter of opinion: it is the law that dictates the type of Arimar raft to be purchased, based on the distance from the coast that you intend to reach during your maritime wanderings. In fact, all mariners know that, implementing the international ISO 9650 standard, Italy has introduced the obligation of coastal rafts for navigation between 6 and 12 miles, through the Decree of the Commander of the Harbour Offices issued in 2009.

Unlike non-coastal rafts, the Arimar raft within 12 miles - which with the new legislation has taken the place of the atoll to all intents and purposes - does not have a cover. In order to choose the most suitable raft for your boat, it is necessary to think about how many people will have to be carried in case of emergency. There are models for 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 people.

What are the compulsory characteristics of coastal rafts by law?

The rafts for navigation within 12 miles must meet some particular criteria established by the law: they are no longer an atoll to which passengers, in case of emergency, must cling to while waiting for help, but rather a safer space in which to wait for help. Generally speaking, it can be said that the Arimar rafts within 12 miles are to all intents and purposes a simplified version of ocean-going life rafts.

The cover, as anticipated, is absent. The regulations provide for the obligatory presence of an internal handle to facilitate entry to shipwrecked persons, as well as to put the raft back in position after a possible capsize. And that's not all: as required by ISO 9650, Arimar rafts within 12 miles are equipped with a towing hook, a ladder and reflective elements, as well as an inflator, a knife, paddles, a whistle, a torch and a water ration for each person (a 4-person raft must therefore contain 4 rations of 0.25 liters of water).

The revision of the rafts

Also Arimar rafts, as prescribed by the regulation, must be periodically overhauled. Specifically, the rafts for navigation beyond 12 miles must be overhauled every two years. But it is not so simple. In fact, an ordinary overhaul must always be followed by an extraordinary one. This means that, two years after the purchase, a normal overhaul will be carried out, which will become extraordinary at the fourth year, to be ordinary again at the sixth and extraordinary at the eighth year of age.

Similar, but not the same, is the case for coastal rafts: in this case, the first overhaul is carried out three years after purchase, and then every two years. Also here, however, the alternation between ordinary and extraordinary revision is followed.

Well: now you should know all that is necessary to proceed with the purchase of Arimar inflatable boats and Arimar rafts. Do you have any other questions? Contact our assistance service: we will answer all your questions as soon as possible!

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    Tender Roll 185 batten planking - Arimar

    Made with wide tubulars and with a bottom stiffened by wide and strong slats. The Roll line is perfect for those who love practicality but do not want to give up safety at sea. Easily rolled up, without requiring any assembly/disassembly operations, it can be stowed anywhere and carried in a handy bag. Easy to store in the car, camper or in any locker.

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    883,03 € 1 243,71 € -29%
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