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Primers, antifoulings

How often do you dry dock your boat? Not too frequently? Well, then you most likely need a good can of boat antifouling paint. In fact, applying boat vegetative is among the most common jobs among boaters, in fact, this action could even be seen as the most typical of boat maintenance tasks. Do you have any doubts about which product to choose? Do you want more information about self-polishing and electronic antifouling? Do you want to know what are the average prices of antifouling? Well, in this little guide we will explain everything you need to know about this particular product to protect a boat's hull from the threats of marine vegetation.

What is Veneziani antifouling paint?

Let's start with some of the most common questions among those who approach boat maintenance for the first time: what is, and how doesboat antifouling paint work? What is it used for? The function of this product is that one to contrast and to prevent the adhesion to the hulls of the boat of marine organisms that, once present, could colonize very quickly the whole hull, causing some not negligible problems. We speak mainly about the silent attack of algae, of dog teeth and of silt, surely not very kind towards the hulls of our boats. The incrustations of the hull are not limited in fact to undermine the performance of the boat, coming to damage the hull itself.

But what is the composition of this product? Antifouling is made up of biocides (but not only), which prevent the formation of marine flora and fauna. Shall we spend a few seconds to learn what biocides are?

Biocides at a glance

We have already mentioned that antifoulings are mostly composed of biocides. But what is this particular substance? Well, a biocide is defined as any product containing active microorganisms capable of eliminating or rendering inactive other organisms. There are mainly four different types of biocides, namely disinfectants, preservatives, pest control products and other types of biocides.

In terms of antifoulings for boats, the most common biocide is certainly copper oxide, which over the years has gradually replaced tin (the latter has recently been banned due to its high environmental impact).

How do Veneziani antifouling paints for boats work?

Let's talk aboutVeneziani antifouling,Boero antifouling,International antifouling and all the other antifouling paints of this type that you can buy online and in physical stores: the basic functioning is the same. In fact, antifouling for boats releases into the environment - in a controlled manner - a minimum but still effective amount of biocides, capable of reducing to a minimum the action of organisms and microorganisms that are dangerous to the health of the hull.

Starting from this common base, different types of coatings can be distinguished. For those who are particularly attentive to the environment, there is, for example, the ecological option of Veneziani antifouling, or the well-known Cecchi, International and Boero antifouling paints... We at HiNelson, however, have a particular preference for Veneziani antifouling paints. We are talking about a prestigious company founded in 1863 in Trieste, which immediately attracted the attention of the military navies, from the British one onwards. Innovation is at home in the over 120 thousand cubic metres of the Veneziani factories. A good 1,500 square metres are dedicated to research and development, with over 35 specialised technicians guaranteeing constant product improvement. And the market certainly appreciates it: the Trieste-based company produces around 27 million kilograms of finished products every year.

A separate chapter: electronic antifouling

Here we are talking about something completely different: electronic antifouling is not a paint. No, it is an electric device that, thanks to ultrasound transducers, is able to destroy algae and other types of organisms that could threaten the hulls of boats. We are talking about a modern and technological alternative to the classic protective paints.

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