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Winches, windlasses and accessories

Winches and windlasses

Lowering or hauling anchor has never been so easy. Many models of winches available for your boat!

Do you know your boat? This is a necessary point to choose the right windlass for you. In fact, the most important factors to consider are many.

Thelength of the boat and displacement of the same: these points reflect on the power of the windlass and the maximum pull capacity. The larger the size of the boat and the weight of the chain attached to the anchor, the more powerful the windlass must be.

Measurements of the locker: thanks to these we can understand how much rope and chain we can take on board and how much space is available for the windlass motor.

Work load: during the recovery operation there are several operational phases of the winch including the one in which the anchor is ripped from the bottom. At each stage, the workload and recovery speed of the windlass varies. The windlass will work longer during the recovery phase, but will have its peak load during the unhooking phase. This peak is a very critical value and it is necessary to ensure that the vessel is equipped with a winch with a maximum instantaneous pull far in excess of the standard working load.

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