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  • VHF portatile SX-400 - Plastimo
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    154,36 € 241,95 € -36.2%
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Electronics and navigation

August 10, 1519 - Ferdinand Magellan leaves his moorings in the port of Seville to embark on one of the most difficult challenges of the time: the circumnavigation of the globe.

However, it is not easy without the right tools and the right technologies to prevail among the thousands of bad weather that the sea reserves. Today we have the most advanced technologies of GPS, Radar, VHF but not only! Navigation instruments, Autopilots and Plastimo compasses will make our stay at sea a real child's play.

We will also have complete control of weather conditions thanks to the most innovative anemometers and wind stations. And if once it was necessary to have a large crew, now just get comfortable in the cabin and use the instrument panels that Hi Nelson offers.

There are 350 products.