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  • Distress signal kit within 3 miles
    26,55 € 39,04 € -32%

    Distress signal kit within 3 miles

    Compulsory rescue equipment for navigation within 3 miles from the coast.

    26,55 € 39,04 € -32%
    Reduced price!
  • Floating smoke buoy orange
    16,40 € 19,52 € -15.96%

    Floating smoke buoy orange

    Daytime distress signal for use on ships, rafts, lifeboats and for boating.

    16,40 € 19,52 € -15.96%
    Reduced price!
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Safety devices

When you are at sea it goes without saying that safety is one of the most important points to take into consideration. The importance of this aspect has a twofold purpose: to have a peaceful stay at sea and to respect the rules in force that Italian regulations establish.

The various safety equipment to be used varies according to the distance of navigation from the coast. In the navigation range within 300 meters there is no compulsory equipment, however, moving away from this range, are increasingly devices to be kept on board. But don't worry! Nothing that can not be found on HiNelson. In fact, we provide you with all the information you need on this page. Life rafts, buoys, life jackets, rescue kits and much more will no longer be a problem.

We select our products with a careful analysis of the quality while constantly respecting the cost. We therefore prefer the Made in Italy which producers such as Veleria San Giorgio have been offering since 1926.

There are 171 products.