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Refrigerators, freezers and iceboxes

To keep food in an excellent state of preservation or to have drinks always fresh on a boat, an icebox is a must, which, depending on the space available, can be larger or smaller.

There are various types of iceboxes available on the market, of various brands and sizes, as well as different characteristics from one model to another, but among the most popular are the iceboxes made by the Igloo company, also famous in the nautical sector thanks to its lines of iceboxes, including Igloo Marine.

This is a leading company that produces iceboxes and refrigerators for boats and more, indispensable accessories available in various sizes. The range offered by Igloo is wide and includes models of all types, all sturdy and made with an innovative plastic material (polyethylene) that keeps the ice longer, they also have a coating that protects the containers from stains, yellowing, odours, impacts and the effects of various weather conditions.

Designed for any need, the Igloo Marine iceboxes are the ideal solution for those who need to keep their catch fresh during a day out fishing with friends or family, or to ensure that food is kept in excellent condition during a whole weekend and in other situations, simply choose the most suitable type of icebox.

Here are the most commonly used types of iceboxes in the Igloo Marine line:

Igloo Marine 25icebox

The Igloo Marine 25 icebox is ideal for storing food and beverages, or fish if you do not have special needs that require a large container.

Easily transportable thanks to the very sturdy hinged handles, the Igloo Marine 25 ice box has an ABS body that is insulated with expanded foam, the lid is boxed, and the internal lining is made of a non-toxic and odourless material.

Not only that, the icebox is equipped with a hinged stainless steel cable that holds the lid and prevents it from tipping over, plus it can be completed with a cauldron locking kit, especially suitable for open boats and inflatable boats.

Compact, easy to clean and with a white colour ideal for good insulation, the Igloo Marine 25 icebox weighs just two and a half kilos, has a capacity of 23 litres and has the following measurements: 51 x 28.5 x 33.5 cm.

Igloo Marine Ultra

The Ultra line is also a constant success all over the world and is available in several sizes:

- Igloo Marine Ultra 54 - this is an icebox that is also ideal for professional use, with a maximum capacity of 51 kg, keeps ice for 4 days, weighs 4.3 kg and has a sturdy structure that can support a load of up to 130 kg, an aspect that makes the icebox also usable as a seat. Unlike the previous model, Igloo Marine Ultra 54 is also equipped with a water evacuation cap that considerably facilitates cleaning the inside of the icebox.

- Igloo Marine Ultra 48 - another Igloo Marine ice box that lends itself both to professional use and in other situations, indispensable on board boats of any size. In addition to the features listed for the other iceboxes listed, the Igloo Marine Ultra 48 model has a lid equipped with a centimetre ruler that is very useful for measuring fish.

- Igloo Marine Ultra 36 - Smaller than the Ultra 48 and Ultra 54 models, Igloo Marine 36 is the ideal solution for those with moderate space requirements for storing drinks and food on board.

- Igloo Marine Ultra 72 - With a weight of 6.1 kg, reinforced with hinges and a maximum capacity of 68 litres, the Igloo Marine Ultra 72 icebox is a perfect solution for those who need to store fish for a long time or food and drinks cooled for up to 5 days. In addition, this icebox can support a weight of up to 130 kg, an aspect that makes this container also usable as a seat. Dimensions: 74,5 x 41,9 x 41 cm.

- Igloo Marine Ultra 94 - with 89 litres of capacity, 2 closures, additional hinges and a weight of 7.57 kg, the Igloo Marine Ultra 94 ice box is ideal for professional use and for any other use where a large accessory is required that can guarantee ice for 5 days. Very useful for storing both food and cold drinks of any kind, the Igloo Marine Ultra 94 icebox is perfect for small and medium-sized boats and measures 45 x 88 x 43 cm.

- Igloo Marine Ultra Contour 30 - 28 litres capacity, robust, minimalist design and strictly white, the Igloo Marine Ultra Contour 30 icebox is perfect for storing food and drinks on boats and its compact dimensions 66.8 x 33.7 x 42.7 cm make it versatile and perfect for transporting and storing fish.

Igloo Icebox Marine Wheelie Cool 38

Transportable thanks to the wheels supplied, the Wheelie Cool 38 model by Igloo Marine has a capacity of 36 litres, is made with the Ultratherm insulation system and is perfect for those looking for a convenient solution for storing food and drinks on board their boat without having to lift the container.

Not only that, besides being useful on boats to keep drinks cool, preserve fish and various foods, the Wheelie Cool 38 icebox is also suitable for other situations where an icebox is needed (buffets, picnics, trips, outdoor parties, etc.).

Marine Igloo Quick Icebox Igloo products are appreciated everywhere and its lines of products for professional or semi-professional use such as the Igloo Marine iceboxes are among the favourites of fishermen and those who love the nautical sector, a preference due to the very high quality of the products offered by the company, which manage to satisfy the needs of any type of person.

Why choose Igloo Marine iceboxes

When you need to purchase an icebox, you are faced with a vast choice of cooling products of this type, but Igloo takes into account any type of need and offers a wide range of iceboxes, including the Igloo Marine line, a series of iceboxes that differ above all in capacity.

Before buying an icebox, it is essential to think about your own needs, asking yourself how often it will be used, how much space you have available to position the icebox, how much ice you need, for how long, how many people will use the cooler, etc.

Clearly, the needs of a fisherman who has to use the icebox for professional use are not the same as those of a person who spends half a day aboard his boat on a one-off basis in complete solitude. In addition, even if Igloo Marine iceboxes are compact and designed to take up as little space as possible, they may still be too large for some small boats, so measuring the space available before choosing the right model is a good idea that should not be overlooked.

It is also important to take into consideration the fact that most of the iceboxes in the Igloo Marine collection can support a weight of up to 130 kg and can therefore be used as benches, simply add a cushion to provide an extra comfortable seat.

Made from top quality materials, insulated with a thick layer of insulation and comfortable to lay on, the Igloo Marine iceboxes are not affected by the weight and body heat emitted when you sit on them, just as they are not affected by weather conditions.

Not only that, an Igloo Marine icebox is also very aesthetically pleasing, in fact, it can be an effective furnishing accessory, in addition, the entire Igloo Marine line is rigorously white and the surface is treated in such a way as not to yellow, so unlike other similar instruments used on boats, it does not suffer any damage.

Resistant and easy to transport thanks to the non-slip handles, the Igloo Marine iceboxes, in addition to being designed for boats, are also suitable for many other situations: trips to the mountains, outdoor parties, workplaces where there is no electricity, in emergency situations, when there is no electricity and in any other type of situation in which it is necessary to have a cooling system available without having to use electricity to keep food and drinks cool.

As you can see, these are very versatile innovative containers, available in various sizes, the smallest are excellent for equipping small boats and for sporadic or domestic use, while the largest are also ideal for multi-day trips as they are able to ensure ice up to 5 consecutive days with a single charge, also being very capacious you can keep all the fish fresh, as well as meat, other foods and even drinks.

Even if there is a normal refrigerator on board, in many situations the space available may not be enough and therefore limit the movements on the boat, but an icebox can solve this problem and ensure excellent conservation of food for days.


Igloo Marine 54The Igloo Marine 54, Igloo Marine 72, Igloo Marine 25, Igloo Marine Ultra and all other iceboxes produced by the Igloo company are ideal for having a solution available for any eventuality, both professional and domestic. Thanks to the handles they are equipped with and their compact shape, they can be easily transported, while the light but efficient structure can be sanitised without great effort.

In summary, an Igloo Marine icebox is a very convenient and high quality professional accessory, to always have on hand when you need to store food and beverages in situations where electrically powered accessories are not sufficient.

To see and purchase Igloo Marine iceboxes, we invite you to visit the following link, where you will find prices, models and characteristics of each icebox: Igloo Marine

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