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How to choose the nautical crane

In this section of our HiNelson e-commerce, however, we do not deal only with the sale of nautical gangways. In fact, here you can also find the best boat davits, essential for hoisting on board in an easy and fast way the tender. There are several models to choose from: from the fixed boat crane to the rotating one, to the telescopic boat crane, everyone can select the most suitable model for their use.

Stowing the tender: when does a boat crane become indispensable?

To command or not the need to install on board a crane are in most cases the size and weight of the tender in your possession. In many cases we are talking about relatively small tenders with an inflatable dunnage, which can therefore be deflated at the end of their use and then stowed easily, without too much effort, below deck, or even better in a locker. It should also be pointed out that the latest generation of retractable tenders offer performance comparable to rigid keel inflatable boats, and for this reason, in the last period, the trend is to equip oneself with these innovative models, which can be deflated and rolled up. Those who need to use large tenders, or who are looking for maximum performance, will opt instead for boats of a completely different type, often with a rigid keel. In this case, of course, stowing the tender in the lockers is impossible: the dinghy must instead be hoisted aboard in its original size, upside down and securely fastened on its predefined support. The operations for hoisting the service boat on board, in this case, are obviously anything but simple. For this reason, those who opt for this type of tender equip themselves in parallel with the appropriate on-board davits. Thanks to this instrument, hauling becomes fast and easy.

Choosing the right davit for your boat

Choosing the right davit is primarily a matter of budget: with a few hundred euros, as you can see on this page, you can buy excellent stainless steel davits that can greatly facilitate the hoisting of the tender. Who wants to eliminate any effort can opt for electric davits: in this case, however, costs can definitely rise, going to exceed even 10 thousand euro. The type of davits chosen, also affects the installation phase: an electric and telescopic model, in fact, will require in most cases the intervention of a professional technician. So, once you've reached this point, you've probably understood which type of gangway is the most suitable for your boat, and you've got a better idea of the types and uses of davits. Now you just have to proceed with your purchases, knowing that our e-commerce offers only high quality nautical accessories, at the best quality/price ratio!

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