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Mini Joystick control for Max Power manoeuvring propellers

Mini joystick control for maneuvering propellers Max Power

The panel is compatible with all maneuvering propellers Max Power.

The new control panels offer numerous possibilities for safety and installation in various locations on the boat.

Product Details

Height (mm)
Width (mm.)


Main features:

  • Child safety system
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Remotely operated battery cut-off
  • Illuminated and audible engine overheating warning light
  • Automatic system shutdown after 20 seconds of alarm
  • Intelligent management of time lag between left and starboard maneuvering, no pause if maneuvering from the same side.
  • Front panel clip-on screw cover
  • Localization by color of electrical cable connections
  • Watertightness from inside and outside


About Max Power

Founded in 1978, Max Power produces a wide range of propellers and on-board electronics intended for various types and sizes of boats. We are proud to say that the entire production, assembly and distribution is located in Monza.

As of 2013 Max Power has improved production systems, quality control and logistics facilities in order to give the end consumer the best possible service. With more than 25 years of experience in design and production, the company ranks among the best manufacturers of maneuvering propellers and related accessories.


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