Grasso di vasellina tecnica lubrificante 0.125 lt. -  CFG

Vaseline grease technical lubricant 0.125 lt. - CFG

Thick, protective, adherent, persistent, colorless, environmentally friendly, inert lubricant. Protective and non-hardening sealant. Hardly removable by water. Antiadhesive for gaskets and fasteners, hinders corrosion of metals and protects rubber from pitting. Makes wooden parts slide and reduces wettability of fabrics.

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0.125 lt.


Pure, clear, unalterable paraffinic cream. Does not oxidize, does not go rancid, does not harden, does not yellow. Does not stain. Does not react with materials. Reduces friction and prevents blockage of mechanical movements. Persistent lubricant for locks, hinges, dampers, screw caps,technical, domestic and hobby uses. Obstructs metal corrosion because it prevents contact with air and smog. Protects rubber from rot. Makes wooden parts flowing, impervious to water, defended against depletion, shrinkage and brittleness from drying out. Anti-adhesive for gaskets and fasteners. Reduces the wettability of fabrics, leather, leather keeping them soft and flexible.
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