Grasso Blu lubrificante 0.125 lt. -  CFG

Blue grease lubricant 0.125 lt. - CFG

A highly adhesive and water-repellent semi-synthetic grease, it is not removable by rain, water jets and centrifugal force.

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0.125 lt.


A highly adhesive and water-repellent semisynthetic grease, it is not removed by rain, fresh or sea water jets, centrifugal force. It makes threaded fasteners watertight. Especially suitable for long-lasting lubrication and protection of all shipboard equipment. Prevents jerky forward motion, ensures accuracy of steering gear and inboard/outboard engine controls (single-lever box, single cable, rack and pinion, sheaves, linkages, telescopic controls, and reverser and throttle linkages). Each-time lubrication for slide rails and reefers (mainsail sheet carriage, bulb lift). Prevents seizing and facilitates disassembly of propellers, tilting vanes, trim tabs, water pumps, anchor windlasses, winches, trims. Protects battery terminals from corrosion.
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