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Net object holder with frame mm.180x365

Framed object net mm.180x365

Net made of elastic rope and plastic frame.

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Height (mm)
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About TREM

The TREM is the leading Italian company in Europe and worldwide for the production and marketing of nautical, camping and leisure accessories. The company is a complex and articulated reality that has developed over the course of more than 30 years of history, during which it has successfully moved from the rank of artisanal producer of elastic ropes to its current level of entrepreneurial excellence, which sees it engaged in major world markets.

The strengths?

The ability to combine craftsmanship care and passion with technical knowledge and entrepreneurial initiative.
This has been the formula that has enabled the company to grow technically, logistically and commercially to its present size, with a plant boasting over 16,000 square meters of covered space reserved for production, warehouse, sales and administrative offices. More than 3,000 customers and 1,500 suppliers, more than 100 skilled workers engaged in the production of the accessories in the catalog and as many workers in the external artisan supply chain engaged in the production of the semi-finished products. More than 4,000 square meters of storage warehouse, for a kilometer and a half of shelves, where the more than 6,000 different items in the catalog are stored and registered.

The company's highly evolved production system, has enabled TREM to obtain ISO 9001 certification of its Quality System for many years now. This certificate allows it to cooperate with the most qualified companies in the industry and is a further guarantee of the quality of the products TREM. Thanks to this production management system and sophisticated measuring and control instruments, qualified personnel can carry out strict control over the quality of raw materials, the progress of production, the quality of product assembly systems, and the compliance of the finished product with national and international standards.

But the real key to the success of the TREM is to be found in the ability to be able to manufacture and launch items that are always responsive to the needs of the market by being able to follow all stages of development in-house, from design, production, assembly, warehousing, marketing and shipping. A complex, dynamic and articulated reality, able to respond very quickly to the demands of an increasingly demanding market.

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