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Receiver - Quick
Receiver - Quick
Receiver - Quick
Receiver - Quick

Receiver - Quick

10-30V power supply, range per channel, 15A max (intermittent). For radio controls cod. AA2314 e AA2315.

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0390509 0390510

About Quick

When sailing, whether we do it for pleasure or for sport, it is always desirable to have onboard electronics that will ensure our lives are easy.

However, navigational instruments and equipment require power, which is provided by dedicated battery packs that, however, have a certain degree of variable autonomy.

Therefore, for your safety it is useful to provide yourself with an alternator, for recharging during navigation or a battery charger.Quick supports you with its innovative and high-performance products capable of satisfying any need and able to equip any type of boat.

But what are the innovative features of Quick products ?

Minor dissipation of energy: Quick batteries have an efficiency of more than 95%, meaning that only 5% of energy is dissipated during the complete battery charging cycle. The battery chargers have multiple outputs and can charge multiple groups at the same time and are suitable for any type of battery, have a universal AC mains input and can therefore be used anywhere. They are compatible with all generators and can operate in environments with temperatures ranging from 15 up to +70 degrees also thanks to extremely quiet variable speed cooling systems.

But the company Quick is not just about batteries, if you need gyro stabilizers, decorative and technical lighting, anchor windlasses, anchor systems, propellers and maneuvering systems you can find in Quick a special ally to best equip your boat.

Founded in the 1980s Quick Spa has for years been a promoter of innovation in the nautical sector, growing to expand even in the United States with Quick USA LLC, thanks in part to its focus on eco-innovative policies aimed at making production cycles more efficient while largely reducing environmental impact.

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