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San Giorgio S.E.I.N. was founded in 1960 and since then has been passionately designing and manufacturing sensors, instruments and automation systems for marine use in a continuous search for the highest performance and quality standards.
In the 60's it designed the first complete line of electronic instruments for naval use (Viking and Apollo series) which included the first capacitive level measurement probes and reed technology, the first exhaust gas temperature detection units with anti-shock thermocouples and the first instruments with gas discharge display visible in sunlight. In 1982, following a joint-venture with the Veglia Borletti company, the design and production of a new line of instruments and sensors specifically designed for the leisure and professional automotive industry began.

In order to always pursue the technological excellence of its products, the company has an advanced research center that carries out all phases of electronic and mechanical design of each product.
An internal environmental and EMC testing laboratory ensures that all instruments are individually hand-checked with the same attention and passion as fifty years ago.

SAN GIORGIO S.E.I.N. products are all strictly Made in Italy.


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